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Chemo Drug Preparation System

Chemo drug in long-term use are able to caused disease to normal person,
therefore, pharmacists and other health care workers can not be neglect.

Closed male luer is committed to protect health care workers from highly toxic drugs, especially block the chemo drugs from liquid flow from the inner tube.

With installed spike with needleless connector can prevent cancer drugs from flowing from the bottle, especially after accidentally knocking over, the drug will not spill out, and can help the medical staff avoid drug infection.

The drug preparation system of Chi Feng offers multiple needlee free connector and vial adapter for various kinds of intended use.

Evolution of Our Closed Male Luer and Needle Free Connector

We started designing closed male luer from 2012 and were officially marketed in Turkey in 2013. Until today, our closed male luer and Gen2 connector evolved to a new level with little or no residue on the surface. We hope that the real intention of USP 797 will be albe to protect pharmacists and healthcare professionals from occupational accidents caused by cancer drugs.


18C025 + 18C024 = SUPERIOR ! ! !
Better than our CML, conform with USP 797


Test for residue liquid on injection port

Almost 0; When products disconnect it will have a little little drip.


Connect and disconnect

Test 200 times which is non-leaking.


Pressure resistance test

Connect Superior CML (P/N 18C023) with pressure test machine to test circulation pressure which have 250 PSI or more.

Closed Male Luer
P/N 12C009

12C009 is an closed male luer for Gen2 products and other type NFC (needle free connector) to easily connect, and transfer drug.
12C009 has a passive type of close function. The connection will be opened only if it connected to female luer lock connectors. When you disconnect them, it has the function of absorb the residual drugs.

12C009 is universal. Suitable for every NFC, if you do not have closed male luer but you have NFC products.
Which is good to connect with our Gen 2 P/N: 14C007.

But you can choose supperior CML 18C023 reasons for as follows,
18C025 + 18C024 = SUPERIOR ! ! !
Beter then 12C009 + 14C007, conformed with USP 797.
Test for residue liquid on injection port: When products disconnect it will have a tiny little drip.

Total length*maximum diameter 36.3mm * 12.75mm

Number of parts
Assembled with 4 components

Surface residue 
Connect with Gen2 connector P/N:12C007 or other brands   

Thread matching  
Conform to ISO 594 

Pressure Test  
The maximum operating pressure to bear on

The internal residual of after the operation is completed

Flow Rate 
*80ml/min, higher than the patient's head more than 90CM.


Use Our CSTD Products

Will help the medical staff to avoid drug infection. 
(Picture from our customers, in Taiwan and Turkey.)

Drug devices that mechanically prohibit the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations outside the system protecting healthcare workers and patients.

USP <800> provisions-legally binding regulation-all nurses administering medication to patients at the bedside must use CSTD’s when administering cytototic medications to a patient, provided the dosage form is compatible with use of a CSTD. Implementation date: July 2018.

Chi Feng will launch USP <800> system products in 2018. 
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