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Gen 3

Micro positive pressure, small size

Comply with the ISO 594 standards
Easy to swabbed and no residual on the surface
Micro positive pressure, and including the design of avoid the air into body.
Only three components for assemble, reliable design.
Easy to visualize the fluid path
Pass biocompatibility test
Small size, acquired patents from multiple countries.

Gen 3 needleless infusion devices develop and produce by Chifeng plastic use micro positive pressure design, and acquired patents from multiple countries. Compare to the negative pressure connectors, the positive pressure value makes no blood reflow to the pipe when disconnecting.
Although the positive pressure needleless avoids blood reflow, it cannot reduce the risk of air into body. Therefore, in the third generation needleless, we have added a tube to divide air and blood, in order to avoid air get into body, it has also the ability to keep the blood not reflowing to the pipeline. The fitting part follow the ISO 594 standards and complete the test, can fit any infusion products who follow the ISO 594 standards. Housing and septum material is using medical grade polycarbonate and medical grade silicone, easy to visualize the fluid path and operating.
Gen 3 needleless infusion devices pass the bio-caompatibility test, lipid and alcohol resistance. Silicone seal can activation up to 200 actuations, and the swabable surface is sealed arround the top of housing, to create first microbial barrier protection. In the fluorescein dye test.When disconnection and swab the suface, the fluorescein dye did not residual on the swabable surface.
  • Materials - Medical grade polycarbonate and medical grade silicone, biocompatibility test pass.
  • Pressure type - Micro positive pressure, and can avoid embolism from air get into body. ​
  • Functional activation - Up to 200 actuations.
  • ​Flow rate - 180 ml / min (at 35.4 inch head height)
  • Residual volume - 0.2ml
  • Reflux Volume - 0.2ml
  • Flush Volume  - 1.5ml
  • Disconnect force - <1kg
  • Pressure leakage​​ - Up to 7kg/cm2 of air (Disconnection) / 24kg/cm2 (350PSI) of air (Connection)
  • Alcohol - Compatible : Yes.
  • Lipid - Compatible : Yes.

Injection site
Color : Light Blue
Material : PC + PC + Silicone
Application : for infusion type

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